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In CASTANET News – History & Technology Collide

Pigs, history collide in app, is the full article by CASTANET. As the article explains, pigs will run down Kelowna’s Bernard Avenue as part of Heritage Week, February 16 – 22, 2015. Of course, the pigs they speak of won’t be a herd of pigs as shown in the picture above, but rather, the pig you will be able to see is in 3D augmented reality moving on the map and on your smartphone camera view, within QuestUpon!

The Kelowna Museums historical quest, Pigs on Bernard, combines cutting edge technology with Kelowna’s history, bringing the past to life in a whole new way. Get started by downloading the free QuestUpon app for Apple or Android smartphones.

Photo: QuestUpon – Pigs on Bernard

Thanks to CASTANET for the article!

And for everyone else, enjoy this unique tour through the past!

– Team QuestUpon


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