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In KelownaNow News – Quest Through Kelowna

Here’s the link to the full article – New App Lets You Go on Quest Through Kelowna’s Streets

Thank you to for their article that describes the new guided tour for Kelowna BC, that brings history alive with cutting edge technology, using augmented reality and geocaching.

Kelowna Museums partnered with QuestUpon to bring culture and heritage to life. A variety of missions were created that give the user an engaging and interactive heritage adventure – answering trivia, geocaching, time travel, seeing pigs run down Bernard Street in 3D augmented reality, and more! This connects the user to Kelowna’s history in a whole new way, giving a sense of place.

Kelowna Museums historical quest, Pigs on Bernard, is free on QuestUpon, for both iPhone and Android phones, and is proof that history can be fun!

We’re gamifying the world… Go play!

– Team QuestUpon


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