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Legend Tracker 2.0 Introduces Time Travel and Treasure Balloons!

We are excited to announce the release of Legend Tracker 2.0 this week! This 6th revision of Legend Tracker marks the start of an all new generation for trackers to quest upon. Over the past couple of years we’ve had a blast merging augmented reality and geo-caching to create exciting adventures.

This version includes a completely new user navigation along with a new look and feel. One of the coolest features in this version is the ability to Time Travel, yes, we built a time machine. You are now able to look forward and back in time in augmented reality when visiting a Time Mark. In the past versions to collect tool upgrades and gold you would just need to visit a Treasure Mark.

Now you collect gold and Tracker upgrades from Treasure Balloons, which are augmented reality hot air balloons flying around Treasure Marks. This version still has Golden Eagles trying to steal your gold and Tracker upgrades, sorry about that.

Legends are travelling around regions waiting for you, get out and explore! Be a Legend and Track a Legend!


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