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Legend Tracker Featured on TechVibes

Mon Aug 08 2011

Okanagan-born Legend Tracker lets bold adventurers hunt down the Ogopogo with their trusty smartphone Posted by Techvibes Newsdesk on Aug 8, 2011 Legend Tracker, is a clever geo-tracking and treasure hunt app for smartphones. It uses a compass, a telescope and sonar to track the elusive Ogopogo. Once you are close enough to the Ogopogo you can use the sonar to see him swimming and see what happens once you are within meters of the Legend. The way that you get these tools is to visit participating tourist attractions and businesses located on the map. When you get to these locations, the GPS on your smartphone locks in your location, and you receive tools and/or upgrades—then you are that much closer to finding the Legend. You can also collect gold when visiting the locations on the map, which eventually will be available to use as discount tokens at the participating locations. “It’s a great way to have fun in the Okanagan, get people outside, and keep the Legend alive. It is also an innovative way to attract tourists to Kelowna and give local residents something fun to do in their own city,” says Miles Marziani, CEO of PlayMobility, “It’s also great for profiling Kelowna as we’ve put photos and a thorough write-up about our city at the forefront of the application. We’re excited to see that the application has already been downloaded in over 30 countries! Once we add more Legends to the application, it will enable us to further promote this area through cross-promotion of Legend destinations. ” Legend Tracker is now available free in Apple’s App Store and will be available shortly on other smartphone platforms. PlayMobility was founded in 2004. It offers a range of services including mobile app development, website design, social media campaigns, and much more.


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