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Legend Tracker v1.2 now Available!

Legend Tracker v1.3 is now available for your iPhone and Android smartphones! Equipped with an all new user interface, plenty of new features including quests, side quests, tools, and the ability to collect gold from anywhere.

Use your telescope to watch incoming Golden Eagles. When they are close enough you can scare them away and collect their gold coins BEFORE they take yours! Stay on the lookout!

The tools now include, a Metal Detector, augmented reality Golden Eagle Telescope, Compass, Transponder, Sonar, Radar, Transceiver, and augmented reality Legend Camera. All of which will keep you actively exploring!

Learn more about the Legends, the Treasure Marks, and the Regions they reside. Explore a Region in different ways with the addition of Quests. Who knows, you just might learn something new!

Team Legend Tracker is actively searching for Legends around the world… wish us luck!

And stay tuned as we’ll be releasing more exciting features in the upcoming months!

Be a Legend… Track a Legend!


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