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Pigs on Bernard Historical Quest – Winners from Heritage Week!

During Heritage Week, February 16 – 22, Pigs on Bernard Historical Quest was promoted by Kelowna Museums Society and QuestUpon to spotlight Kelowna’s heritage. During that week, anyone who completed the historical quest and went into the Okanagan Heritage Museum had the chance to enter their name into a draw to win their very own herd of chocolate pigs, specially made by Annegret’s Chocolates. This large herd of pigs was certainly a special prize as the winner would basically have their chocolate pantry stocked for the year! (everyone has a chocolate pantry, right?!)

Photo by Kelowna Museums Society: Herd of twelve chocolate pigs, created by Annegret’s Chocolates of Kelowna.

There were many entries from people that completed the quest during Heritage Week, and we’re happy to announce the winners, Shirley and Laura! They decided to join forces and complete the ‘Pigs on Bernard’ quest together. They said they loved the adventure and were very excited to see the historical images that were revealed on Bernard Street. They shared the prize, each taking home six chocolate pigs.

Photo by Kelowna Museums Society: Winners, Shirley and Laura.

Thank you for all the participants and entrants during Heritage Week!

Further proof that history can be fun!

– Team QuestUpon


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