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PlayMobility Makes Mobile More Playful: A Local Success Story

Posted by Accelerate Okanagan on Nov 15, 2012

We are excited to share yet another local success story on the heels of our last feature on Today, we are proud to feature PlayMobility, an Okanagan-based mobile game developer whose latest game “Legend Tracker” has taken Ogopogo and Sasquatch hunters by storm! Here’s a little ditty on a really great technology company that is flourishing right here in the sunny Okanagan.

Since 2003, PlayMobility has been on the cutting edge of technology, developing software for mobile devices. Their latest product Legend Tracker is breaking new ground with the way they combine geo-caching and augmented reality. The world of augmented reality brings the virtual world into the real world allowing you to see virtual elements merged into the real world via your smart phone’s camera.

We have pushed augmented reality to a new level allowing virtual characters to not only animate but travel around a region and yourself allowing yourself to interact to win virtual and real awards.” ”It’s funny, I never thought I would have to test a game by running through a park to outrun a virtual eagle that was chasing me. ” – Miles Marziani, Legend Tracker Creator

PlayMobility went from developing some of the most played games on the web and mobile devices, such as Dark Melt, Addix, and Ballix to signing multi-year contracts with the largest device manufactures and mobile services providers to help them design and engineer core features of their devices as these companies entered the world of the smart phone. Now, their core product, Legend Tracker has gained the attention of some pretty large players who have now partnered with PlayMobility. Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association / BC Tourism, Mission Economic Development and Tourism in partnership with Vancouver Coast and Mountains Tourism Association.

We’ll surely be tracking Legend Tracker itself. In the meantime, we’ll try to outrun the virtual characters.

You can follow along on Twitter via @Legend_Tracker or via their website (now

To get in touch with Legend Tracker their contact information is listed here.

Or download Legend Tracker and try it out, via the App Store. Enjoy!


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