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BCTech Summit opens with QuestUpon on Main Stage

On January 18th and 19th, our province held it’s very first BCTech Summit, at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It was a busy two days of keynote sessions and industry networking with nearly 3000 attendees.

BCTech Summit – Main Stage – Unicorn Search by QuestUpon The BC Innovation Council (BCIC) asked QuestUpon to provide an augmented reality experience on the main stage for the opening welcome session. The emcee’s of the event, Don Mattrick (EA, Zynga) and Lindsay Smith (TechVibes, Massive), began talking about some of the ‘unicorns’ that have emerged from the province of BC. They posed the question to the gathered crowd of delegates, ‘Who will be the next unicorn’?

Here’s the video of the Unicorn Search, by QuestUpon.

It was at this point that they opened QuestUpon, and mirrored the smartphone screen in ‘live’ view onto the 18-foot x 46-foot stage screen. Low and behold, there was an unidentified flying object, UFO, hovering over the crowd! The UFO found it’s subject and beamed up a person from the crowd, flew over to the main stage, and beamed down a mystical life-size unicorn!

This ‘Unicorn Search‘ was performed directly before Premier Christy Clark opened as keynote speaker, where she delivered BC’s Technology Strategy.

Technology Showcase It was also an honour to be invited by the BC Innovation Council (BCIC) to have QuestUpon included in the Technology Showcase. We demonstrated a variety of different things that we can do with QuestUpon to the many attendees that stopped by our booth, including the camera crew from Global BC. Here’s a video clip of the founders, Tammy Meyers and Miles Marziani, at the showcase.

Other highlights for us included:

  • Being showcased at the pavilion of our industry partner, Wavefront.

  • Listening to world-class keynote speakers, including Ray Kurzweil, (Author, Inventor, Futurist).

  • The food – it was amazing!

  • The industry networking – we made so many new connections!

The organizers did a fantastic job putting this event together! We’re looking forward to being part of it next year!

More event photos –

Premier Christy Clark delivering the BC Technology Strategy.

Tammy Meyers feeding the “roving robot”, aka Dean Prelazzi at BCIC.

Miles and Tammy, chatting people up the front row


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