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QuestUpon Founders Receive Highest Honour from Kwantlen First Nation at Launch Event

QuestUpon and the Kwantlen First Nation held a launch event in April 2016 to introduce the historical quest titled, ‘The Tireless Runner’, (translated from the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ word q̓ʷa:n̓ƛ̓ən̓, or ‘Kwantlen’). It’s a historical tour that takes the user on a self-guided path along the New Westminster Quay. On this quest people learn about the Kwantlen Traditional Territory, interact with characters of the past, see animals of importance, learn about pivotal stories with Simon Fraser, “time travel”, embark on a scavenger hunt, and more.

The morning of the launch event began with refreshments catered by Leləm’ Arts and Cultural Cafe.

Once everyone was seated, members of the Kwantlen First Nation opened the event with a Traditional Welcome Ceremony.

Representatives of the Kwantlen First Nation then spoke to the group about the project and it’s importance in storytelling their history and culture. This was followed by Miles and Tammy of QuestUpon, who went on to provide a presentation of the project and quest to all in attendance.

Chief Marilyn Gabriel, Tumia Knott, and Emcee Ritchie

Presentation by QuestUpon

At the conclusion of the presentations, the Kwantlen First Nation blanketed the founders of QuestUpon, Miles Marziani and Tammy Meyers. This is a ceremony of highest honour and signifies respect for those who have made an important contribution to the Kwantlen First Nation.

Chief Marilyn Gabriel explaining the significance of the ceremony to Miles and Tammy of QuestUpon.

Attendees asked to bear witness to this event with thanks, hugs and hand shaking.

“We were beyond words in receiving this honourable ceremony. It’s truly rewarding and inspiring to have our work appreciated in this way,” said Tammy Meyers, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of QuestUpon. “This ceremony showed us once again how unique and important First Nation culture really is.”

In attendance were elders, directors, and staff from Kwantlen First Nation, Seyem’ Qwantlen Business Group, and Leləm’ Arts and Cultural Cafe; dignitaries from the City of New Westminster; and representatives from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Tourism New Westminster and New Westminster Chamber of Commerce.

‘The Tireless Runner’ historical quest is now available on QuestUpon. Download the app for free on iPhone or Android.

More Event photos:


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