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QuestUpon has Ability to Send Texts with 3D Augmented Reality

December 17, 2014 – Today marks a milestone in the world of mobile communications as QuestUpon launches the very first 3D augmented reality text messaging platform. It’s a compelling new way to socially interact with your friends.

“This gamifies the messaging experience, and brings a new form of fun to interact with your friends”, says Tammy Meyers, COO and Co-founder of QuestUpon. “This messaging aspect is just one part of what QuestUpon is capable of, and is another step toward our goal of gamifying world.”

As you can imagine, these aren’t your typical text messages. These are gamified messages that have missions attached that you send to your friends to complete. These come in a variety of 3D objects, such as treasure chests or balloons, 3D characters, such as ghosts or birds, and even trivia that you can send to your friends.

“People are continually looking for new ways to connect socially, and we wanted to provide this within QuestUpon. It’s a first of its kind and this launch provides just a taste of what we have coming soon”, says Miles Marziani, CEO and Founder of QuestUpon.

QuestUpon is available for iPhones at the App Store, and will be available for Androids in the next week. Follow us on Twitter @QuestUpon or visit for upcoming announcements.

About QuestUpon QuestUpon, a Vancouver BC based company with satellite offices in Kelowna BC, is an edutainment gaming platform, for mobile devices, that combines 3D augmented reality with geocaching to gamify the world. It also equips people with the very first 3D augmented reality messaging system that socially connects them with others and with their environment. The platform can be used across multiple industries to bring brands to life through games, guided tours, urban races, and more. For more information, please visit


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