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Sasquatch caught on video by Chinese tourists

Sasquatch caught on video!

We asked for videos of your sightings of Legends such as the Sasquatch, and are sharing some of the best we received! This tourist would like to remain anonymous.

This tourist was visiting Mission, BC, Canada. Someone in the group witnessed something large moving in the woods. Those that didn’t run away stayed to get a better look, many photos and videos were taken before the large hairy biped ran towards the group then away.

This is one of the videos they captured that definitely looks like evidence that there is a real live Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, in the hills of Mission BC. It’s a must see!

Send us more of your footage!

We are on the lookout for more of what you’ve seen. If you have video or pictures of legends that you think are worth posting… please send them to us,


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