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Technology Breathes New Life Into The Gold Rush Trail

Exciting tech partnership kicks off the tourism season along the Gold Rush Trail!

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association in collaboration with QuestUpon, an award winning technology company from Vancouver, are excited to announce the kick off of the summer tourism season with an innovative Mobile App to educate, entertain and get people energised to explore and discover British Columbia’s historic Gold Rush Trail.

Last year’s summer was devastating for many of us here in the Cariboo, but we have started our long journey to recovery, and this technology partnership is one of the many tools we are using to attract visitors to the Gold Rush Trail. The Gold Rush Trail starts in New Westminster and winds its way north to one of BC’s historic gems, Barkerville Historic Town & Park, in the heart of the Cariboo region. Travelling the Trail, you’ll experience fascinating history, Indigenous culture, spectacular natural beauty and you will surely meet some of the friendliest and most resilient people in BC.

”The Gold Rush Trail is the premiere touring route in British Columbia,” shares CCCTA CEO Amy Thacker. “We invite you to explore our cultural history while basking in our stunning nature, the Gold Rush Trail is truly a destination where history is shaped by nature.”

One of the goals of this technology partnership is to ignite a sense of adventure and encourage people of all ages to escape the city and take this journey up the Gold Rush Trail while completing digital quests guided by GPS coordinates. The QuestUpon app combines geocaching, historic trivia and interactive augmented reality features such as seeing animals, iconic Gold Rush characters and historic photos. This App is an authentic and experiential storytelling tool that allows people to experience the Gold Rush Trail in an entirely new way.

“We’ve been breathing life into historic storytelling since 2011, by creating location-based augmented reality quests,” said Tammy Meyers, COO and Co-founder of QuestUpon. “When you see a historic character, such as Billy Barker, standing in front of you, or watch various historic landmarks emerge as they once were, it gives people a ‘sense of place’ as they visit that location.”

We invite each one of you to explore, learn, and discover the rich history and magnificent landscapes in our region through our exciting technology partnership.

Click here to download the QuestUpon App , and discover a whole new way to explore! And be sure to watch for the all new release coming in June!

Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association is a Regional Destination Management Organization that works in conjunction with the Destination British Columbia, Destination Canada and industry partners in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region to help foster the growth of the tourism. For more information on the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region and the Gold Rush Trail visit:

Email: Social: @goldrushtrail, @carchicoa, @CaribooChilcotinCoast


QuestUpon ( is an award-winning company that has been developing location-based augmented reality since 2011, and their founding team has been developing for mobile and mobile games since 2003. They create interactive storytelling experiences for tourism and brands to engage with their 21st century audience, by bringing things to life in the real world with animated augmented reality, virtual reality, gamification, and more. The platform allows for a variety of quest types including urban races, guided tours, treasure hunts, and games. For more info, contact Social: @questupon


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