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Weekly App Pick: QuestUpon – In VanCityBuzz Tech News (now known as DailyHive)

Here’s a link to the full article, Weekly App Pick: QuestUpon, published on (now known as, Vancouver BC.

The article explains the history of QuestUpon, the technology (3D augmented reality and geocaching), provides some background on where the concept began with Legend Tracker in 2011, and gives some insight about the founders, Miles Marziani and Tammy Meyers.

Thanks to Kirsten Armour and VanCityBuzz for the great interview and article!

And for everyone else, let’s get off the couch and get exploring with QuestUpon! There’s plenty to do for everyone, and we’re constantly adding new things… so stay tuned!

– Team QuestUpon

QuestUpon is a free download and available on iOS and Android phones.


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